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New Generation
of Sushi


Maki Bowls® by Kojo is available for delivery on Talabat



With many years of successfully providing unique choices of Maki and the frequent visit of returning customers to Kojo Japanese Restaurant, our Kojo team has been inspired to continue our efforts in serving the best Sushi in Bahrain.

Keeping an eye to our customer needs, it seemed only fair that we meet their demand of enjoying a delicious meal at the convenience of their home, office, or wherever they are in the country. We have been in and out of our kitchen labs trying to create the new generation of sushi that people loved in Kojo.

By exploring new unique ideas with a great focus on preserving the standard of our Sushi, we came up with an invention that is both delicious and available to anyone from anywhere in Bahrain!

Delivering the New Generation of Sushi

Currently, Maki Bowls has 9 unique flavors: Durrat, Lava, Yama, California, Hokkaido, Ohayo, Miyagi, Sunshine, and Seared Salmon.

Maki Bowl® by Kojo is an exclusively delivered product by Kojo Japanese Restaurant. With this revolutionary bowl, we have successfully protected the indulging experience of the Kojo Special Maki Sushi while offering our valued customers with an enjoyable guilt-free fast food meal that can be delivered from all areas in the country.

Maki Bowls® is a product of Bahrain's most beloved premium Japanese restaurant, a by Kojo brand that delivers the new generation of sushi.